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Roots & Reefer is an industry-shifting cannabis magazine, podcast, & lifestyle brand.

Our mission is to educate the public about the benefits & joys of cannabis, ultimately destigmatizing medical marijuana use & making it less taboo & easier for people to talk about.

We aren't afraid to say: "We love weed!"

Roots and Reefer Podcast by The Source boutique cannabis dispensary, grow, and lab in Northwest Arkansas
Roots and Reefer Podcast by The Source boutique cannabis dispensary, grow, and lab in Northwest Arkansas
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Arkansas' most unique craft cannabis company
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Meet our hosts!

Rochelle Bradshaw
Grammy-winning Reggae Star & Patient Consultant at The Source

Wendy Love Edge
Cannabis educator, Life Coach, Radio Personality & Occupational Therapist

Go behind the scenes of Arkansas' rich & deeply unique green revolution.

Wide shot of three women walking down the row of an outdoor cannabis cultivation farm in Joplin Missouri. The field contains many large marijuana plants of different shades of green and purple growing tall and housed in large containers.
Portrait photo of two women inside The Source’s boutique cannabis grow room. The women are both looking in wonder at the large and ready to harvest cannabis plants. They are standing and wearing orange hair nets. At the bottom of the photo a Zoom brand audio recorder appears
Portrait of two women smiling and side-hugging in front of a large curtain of marijuana that is hanging to cure at a large outdoor cannabis farm in Missouri.
Roots and Reefer Podcast by The Source boutique cannabis dispensary, grow, and lab in Northwest Arkansas
Roots and Reefer Podcast by The Source boutique cannabis dispensary, grow, and lab in Northwest Arkansas
Roots and Reefer Podcast by The Source boutique cannabis dispensary, grow, and lab in Northwest Arkansas
Roots and Reefer Podcast by The Source boutique cannabis dispensary, grow, and lab in Northwest Arkansas
Two women sit smiling at a wooden table on either side of a man wearing a hat with the letters RVR.

Dive into a natural state spotlight, where our dynamic hosts bring you eye-opening conversations with a wide range of guests—from medical marijuana patients sharing their transformative stories, to pioneering growers, groundbreaking scientists, and trailblazing business leaders. 

The hosts discover how Arkansas is continually cultivating its own distinct and flourishing cannabis industry within the Federal limitations of the cannabis industry.

Arkansas educational cannabis podcast hosts of Roots & Reefer by The Source Dispensary
R&R Season 1 Trailer

Featuring Wendy Love Edge & Rochelle Bradshaw

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Portrait of Ebony Blevins in conversation with Rochelle Bradshaw on episode 8 of Roots and Reefer cannabis educational podcast Arkansas. Ebony is explaining her story to Rochelle, cohost with Wendy Edge of the podcast. Ebony is smiling and talking with her hands as Rochelle listens intently.

Episode 08 – Taking Tical to the Top of Celebrity Cannabis Brands with Ebony Blevins

C.R.E.A.M. Cannabis Rules Everything Around Me

In this episode of Roots and Reefer, hosts Wendy and Rochelle sit down with Ebony Blevins, an award-winning photographer, artist, and Arkansas Brand Ambassador and Market Manager for Method Man's cannabis company, Tical. Ebony shares her journey with cannabis, from initial hesitation to embracing the plant for its medicinal properties. She discusses her role in elevating Tical in the celebrity cannabis space and the importance of representation and diversity in the industry.

Ebony also dives into her passion for photography, her recent Artist of the Year award, and the influence of cannabis on her creative work. She shares insights on increasing access and education in Arkansas's medical marijuana market. Her deep roots in the community, ability to connect people often from diverse backgrounds, and drive to destigmatize cannabis make up all things Ebony.

Whether you're interested in cannabis entrepreneurship, the Arkansas medical marijuana scene, or the intersection of art and cannabis, this episode of Roots & Reefer featuring rising star Ebony Blevins is a must-listen. And remember, C.R.E.A.M. - Cannabis Rules Everything Around Me. 

Glitter Bomb is the bomb! Shop Method Man's cannabis brand, Tical, at The Source: 

Marijuana is for use by qualified patients only. Keep out of reach of children. Marijuana use during pregnancy or breastfeeding poses potential harms. Marijuana is not approved by the FDA to treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Do not operate a vehicle or machinery under the influence of marijuana.

Portrait photo of three people standing in front of a wintery forest in Northwest Arkansas. Payton Weatherford, Sr Account Manager of Natural State Medicinals cannabis cultivation, is a tall man with a long reddish-blonde beard. He is wearing a green jacket while smiling and standing in between the co-hosts of Roots and Reefer cannabis podcast, Rochelle Bradshaw and Wendy Edge. Wendy (left) is wearing pink see-through sunglasses, and Rochelle (right) is wearing opaque aviator style sunglasses. The three subjects of the portrait are taking a photo after recording episode 7 of Roots and Reefer, sponsored by The Source craft cannabis dispensary, grow and lab in Rogers, Arkansas.

Episode 07 – Plants Over Profits with Payton Weatherford of Natural State Medicinals

I have this love, this infatuation with the color green, and it's specifically for the plant, not for the profits. That's something I try to say… you can only love one color green, and I'm a proponent of the plant for sure.

In this episode, Payton Weatherford, Sr. Account Manager at Natural State Medicinals, gets R&R co-hosts Rochelle and Wendy fired up for the future of the Arkansas cannabis industry, all while recounting stories from the past of finding his calling in cannabis. Payton's passion for the plant is as palpable as Arkansas medical marijuana patients' love for the earthy indica strain, Blackwater, cultivated by NSM. Also in this episode, Payton takes The Source on a tour of the NSM cultivation facility in White Hall, Arkansas and into the very room where Blackwater flowers in all her green glory.

Portrait taken of Jamaican native and Arkansas resident and reggae star, Rochelle Bradshaw. The portrait depicts a woman with long braids wearing a matching orange velvet, pants & shirt combination. She is wearing sunglasses and looking to the left of the photo while snapping, holding a microphone, and dancing. Rochelle, co-host of Roots and Reefer podcast sponsored by The Source craft cannabis dispensary in Rogers Arkansas, is performing with her band, Hypnotion, at Hillberry Music Festival in Eureka Springs.

Episode 06 – Reggae Music is Reefer Music with Rochelle Bradshaw

Grammy Award-winning reggae star, budtender at The Source, ARMMJ patient, life-long cannabis lover, and R&R co-host, Rochelle Bradshaw (humbly) takes center stage on this episode of Roots & Reefer.

Where there is reggae, there is Rochelle wowing a crowd with her god-given talents, and making it look absolutely effortless. Where there is reggae, there are roots - Rochelle's roots. In this episode, Rochelle bashfully recalls rockstar moments, like walking inside a too-smoky-to-see studio to record with crucial members of the reggae dynasty whom she considers family. Rochelle's roots are grounded in the culture of love, reefer, and reggae sowed by Bob Marley and cultivated and deepened by many reggae musicians, including her own father.

For Rochelle, where there is reefer, there is therapy, there is medication. Cannabis has continually proved to be Rochelle's vehicle to nurture and grow from the traumas of her past and to manage and significantly reduce a life-long threat to her physical health. With the help of Wendy's therapeutic guidance, Rochelle reveals vulnerable and brave moments from past and present of this one love life she's got to live.

These days, she shares her talents with the world on tour with Stephen Marley, and she's won an award or two along the way. Right here in the state that Rochelle calls home, she's undeniably rooted reggae to permanence. Rochelle Bradshaw and her band, Hypnotion are no strangers on the music scene in the natural state.   

In celebration of Bob Marley's 79th birthday, The Source is getting everybody together to feel alright! Good times are guaranteed on Saturday, February 10th at George's Majestic Lounge in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Performances by: Rochelle Bradshaw & Hypnotion, The Irie Lions, Butterfly, Patti Steel, and more!

Portrait of two women standing next to each other and looking to the left. Both women are wearing orange hair nets and sunglasses inside. The two women are the hosts of Arkansas’s cannabis education podcast, Roots and Reefer. They are standing and gazing in awe inside of The Source’s boutique medical marijuana cultivation room. In the background and surrounding Wendy Love Edge (left) and reggae star, Rochelle Bradshaw (right) are towering cannabis plants that are awaiting harvest. At the very bottom center of the photo is a Zoom H8 audio recording device - indicating that the hosts of R & R Podcast are recording a live episode during craft cannabis harvest at The Source Dispensary, Grow, and Lab in Rogers, Arkansas.

Episode 05 – Happy Harvest! Love, The Source

This episode of Roots & Reefer, we’re shaking things up a bit. Tune in and experience the magic that is a craft cannabis harvest. Your co-hosts, Wendy and Rochelle have all access passes behind the scenes of The Source's craft cannabis harvest.

A snip here. The sound of leaves rustling there, hear the sounds of harvest as if you were there. Imagine a room filled with 50 towering marijuana plants. Witness Wendy and Rochelle's pure joy as they speak with a familiar voice, Arianna Pascoe, a lead grower, and with Brandy Hogan, harvester & Production Coordinator at The Source Craft Cannabis.

The amount of time it takes to cycle through each process in cannabis cultivation from seed to harvest to sales floor varies from grow to grow. Arianna explains that because Arkansas's medical marijuana laws only allow for a small number of plants, it allows her and her like-family team of growers to pay attention to every detail. Listening, watching, and responding with intention to each plant makes what could be a monotonous routine into a 2-3 month cycle that brings new challenges and celebrations.

Harvest itself? The Source's team can harvest and hang to cure in just a couple of days. After about a week of hanging out in the cure room, the time consuming work of trimming the ladies to perfection begins.

Though the flowering female plants, affectionately referred to as "the ladies," may be few in number, they leave nothing to be desired when experiencing a cannabis harvest. The largest plant of this harvest weighed in at a whopping 28 pounds.

At the end of the episode, Rochelle grows eager to smoke the freshest of fresh. And in just 2.5 months time (give or take), she would do just that.

Portrait photo of 3 people hugging, smiling, and sitting at a large wooden table in the open dining room space of a home in Rogers, Arkansas. In the foreground, Ryan Kenaga, President of River Valley Relief cannabis cultivation company sits in between the co-hosts of Roots and Reefer Podcast. Sitting next to Ryan on the right is Rochelle Bradshaw, reggae music star and patient consultant at The Source craft cannabis dispensary, grow, and lab in Northwest Arkansas. Sitting to Ryan’s left is Wendy Love Edge, veteran podcaster, healer, and occupational therapist. In the background, the photo shows a large open space with a kitchen, living room, and foyer/ front entrance space all visible inside of a cozy home.

Episode 04 – Nothin' Like a Little RVR with Ryan Kenaga

In this episode of Roots and Reefer, Wendy & Rochelle interview Ryan Kenaga, President of RVR or River Valley Relief, located in Fort Smith, Arkansas.

Down home and easy to talk to, there's no wonder why Ryan wins the popular vote amongst his peers in leadership positions in the cannabis industry of Arkansas. Listen as Wendy and Rochelle get to know him better and understand why he is so deeply respected by his peers.

In this episode he tells the story of one of the state's most important cannabis products, ArkanRAW. ArkanRAW is an RSO (Rick Simpson Oil) formulated to treat severe medical problems, including cancer. Ryan reveals his personal connection to this product in this episode with an emotional story that brings humanity back to the business of cannabis.

Ryan is creative in his approach to product design, always taking mindful steps to center the patient experience and elevate product offerings in the RVR catalog, including bringing in the largest edibles company in North America, Wana, to Arkansas through a licensing agreement.

Not only does Ryan care about the impact that the cannabis plant can have upon patient's lives, Ryan is an exemplary neighbor, friend, and a whole lot of fun to be around. At the end of the episode Ryan reveals to Rochelle his deep love for reggae music, solidifying their friendship and our belief that reggae and reefer hold great power to help us form true connections.

Three women are sitting next to each other and smiling after recording the third episode of Roots and Reefer cannabis podcast. The women are seated in a home in Rogers, Arkansas.

Episode 03 – Be BOLD with AR Cannabis Industry Leader, Annie Iselin

Bringing people back into the cannabis conversation

Get ready for an exciting dive into the heart of the Arkansas medical cannabis scene with our latest episode, 'Bringing People Back into the Cannabis Conversation.' 

This time, Rochelle and Wendy have a rich conversation with Annie Iselin, where Annie talks about her journey from OG Colorado player to national consultant to being the leader of the Arkansas company, BOLD Team. Annie is a trailblazing figure and one of the most influential women in the Arkansas cannabis industry. 

This episode also offers a raw and passionate look into the challenges and triumphs of managing a major commercial cannabis operation in the quaint, remote town of Cotton Plant, Arkansas. Annie shares stories of how cannabis and her work are weaving new social and economic fabrics in the town, bridging communities, and reshaping perceptions.

But there's more – Annie is embarking on a groundbreaking new venture: “Ask Ethel.” This activism project is set to revolutionize the medical marijuana conversation in Arkansas, placing patients at its heart. Ask Ethel isn't just an event; it's a movement aimed at empowering patients and destigmatizing the cannabis plant and its use. Tune in for an episode that's not just about the business of cannabis, but a profound journey of community, change, and empowerment. This is an episode you don't want to miss!

Portrait photo of three women sitting at a wooden dining table talking, laughing and smiling during a recording session of episode 2 of Roots & Reefer, a cannabis educational podcast sponsored by The Source medical marijuana dispensary in Rogers, Arkansas.

Episode 02 – Sentimentality with Cannabis Grower Arianna Pascoe

Cultivating Cannabis with Love and Intention

Step into a world where love, compassion, and care transform the art and science of cannabis cultivation in our 2nd episode, 'Cultivating Cannabis with Love and Intention.' 

Wendy and Rochelle bring you into an intimate conversation with Arianna Pascoe, a visionary cannabis grower. Arianna unveils the secret behind nurturing cannabis with a mindful approach, sharing the inspiring tale of Siouxise, a plant that defied the odds. Once the smallest 'runt' of the lot, Siouxise flourished under Arianna's loving affirmations and dedicated care, growing to become the largest and most robust in the group. This lesson carries so much depth and crosses over into how we  care for all living things and the impact. 

This episode goes beyond the science of genetics and cultivation techniques. It delves into how the emotional environment, from positive intentions to attentive care, plays a pivotal role in the wellbeing of cannabis plants, significantly enhancing their cannabinoid and terpene profiles. Join us as Arianna reveals how integrating emotion and intention into cultivation practices can revolutionize the industry, promising not just growth, but a thriving journey for each plant that benefits all who indulge in the medicine it provides. 

This episode is an enlightening experience that might just change the way you think about plant care and cultivation.

Portrait photo of three people smiling and standing outdoors, from left to right: Wendy Love Edge, an occupational therapist and co-host of Roots & Reefer podcast, budtender at The Source Boutique Cannabis Dispensary and guest of Episode 1, Jeremy Hodges, and to his right is Arkansas Reggae star and co-host of Roots and Reefer podcast, Rochelle Bradshaw.

Episode 01 – The First Patient with Jeremy Hodges

The story of a cannabis patient who evolved into a patient consultant

In episode 1, prepare to be inspired by the transformational tale of Jeremy Hodges, an enthusiastic cannabis patient turned member of the Arkansas cannabis industry. Jeremy is the early-rising, lawn-chair wielding, very first patient of The Source dispensary back when it opened in 2019. 

Wendy and Rochelle take you on a journey with Jeremy who transformed himself from the first patient into a respected patient consultant. Discover how he traded his career in education for a career in cannabis, perfecting his knowledge at St. Louis University to become a master budtender.

Tune in as Jeremy unfolds his own personal evolution with cannabis. You'll travel from the shadowy days when even mentioning cannabis was taboo, to his eye-opening first visit to a legal dispensary in Las Vegas, and finally to his current role in Arkansas at The Source. This episode is not just a story—it's an adventure into the heart of cannabis culture. 

It is a must-listen for anyone intrigued by the plant's positive impact on individual lives, and anyone considering taking a leap into the cannabis industry themselves.